Dying to go on Vacation

Thank you for the opportunity to share my book, Dying to Go On Vacation: Discovering life while facing death with you. for review. In July 2013 I was diagnosed with stage IV neuroendocrine cancer while on my first real vacation in almost a decade. Suddenly I was forced to reorient my life with the realization of how fleeting life really is. 

We are all dying, but we live like we have all the time in the world. Dying to Go On Vacation is the inspirational retelling of my journey of faith after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. It is a humorous, and sometimes heart breaking, story of positively dealing with why bad things happen to good people and what to do when the world you were building seems to fall apart.

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Dr. Laura Early
"Marty Cauley writes with truth that flows from his heart...something this journey has changed.  Although I have always aspired to be as smart as my dear friend...now I hope to be as wise.  Learn from his wisdom...it will change your heart."
 Dr. Laura Early Founding Pastor and Community Developer
All God's Children United Methodist Church

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
“Marty Cauley speaks candidly of intrusive illness and the unwelcome journey he and his family now make with cancer as a part of every day. We see in his life the undeniable interweaving of abundant and eternal life in the life he now lives to God before us all.  Read this book and give thanks for the life, abundant and eternal, we share in Christ.”   Hope Morgan Ward
United Methodist Bishop, North Carolina Conference

“I continue to be inspired by Marty's ability to speak his truth simply, slowly, and beautifully.  Thank you Marty for not shrinking from death, but meeting it head-on, with God's love and trust for life now and life to come. One of the best reflections and narratives about life and death I've read in a long time.”
Rev. P. Drake, Chaplain

“I love your description of dying slowly. You put into words of wisdom to love, live, and laugh:)”
Donna P., Cancer Survivor

Bishop Kenneth Carter

“The Psalmist urges us to, “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." In Dying to Go On Vacation, we discover a heart of wisdom in the transparent witness of Marty Cauley.  As I read his testimony, I connected his story with crises I have navigated in my own life, and I thought of brothers and sisters who are passing through present storms.  I am happy that commend these lessons, which have a life and death urgency, to a wide audience!”
Bishop Kenneth Carter
United Methodist Bishop, Florida Conference

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If you want it before you head out for your Labor Day weekend, you can pre-order the digital version here. It will go live Aug. 31, 2015.

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