Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Will You Help Me?

Hi friends,

I am preparing to release Dying to go on Vacation the end of August. My publisher suggested that I let you all know that it is coming and ask you to please allow me to send you regular updates about this and the other two or three projects that are in the works. I promise not to "spam" you with a lot of emails, just maybe one a week with my latest blog and information about these projects. 

If you don't want to receive these updates I completely understand. Simply unsubscribe using the link below and I will make sure you are removed from the list.

If you decide to stick around I will let you know when the release date is set, how to possibly get a free Kindle version of the book, and discover how to get a simple reflection journal for free if you decide to order the printed version of the book. Plus I will let you know about other cool stuff I find and you can vote on future cover designs, pre-read content, and generally help me share hope with as many people as possible.

Thanks for sticking around! I am blessed to call you friend, I remain:

Consumed by the Call,


To subscribe go the the link here, go to the upper left corner and hit subscribe. Thanks!

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