Wednesday, July 15, 2015

While You Were on Vacation...

When I arrived at the North Carolina Conference office of The United Methodist Church I was told that July was generally a "slow month." Most people took vacation and things were generally very quiet. While that might normally be true, it has been very busy for me. In addition to celebrating my 2nd Cancerversary on July 10, a lot of projects I've been working on suddenly seemed to come together and I've been struggling to keep up. Here is what's been going on:

In addition to my personal writing, I create a lot of content for The United Methodist Church. Part of my ongoing research is how to engage the missing generation of young adults in serious spiritual conversation. I am excited to be part of a new ebook produced by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership as part of the Wesley Theological Seminary. If you would like a copy of the ebook, Leading Idea to Reach Young Adults, get it here.

If you don't follow the blog, My Invisible Life, you may want to consider it. It is the compilation of stories about everyday people who are dealing with some extraordinary things that are seemingly "invisible" to everyone else. I am excited, after following for a while, to be accepted as one of their story tellers. Here is my latest contribution.

Finally, Dying to Go on Vacation is getting close to publication. Here is the Amazon preview that went live this week as I prepare to launch the book. Read the sample chapter and rate it here.

Here is the secret, for my blog readers only. When Dying to Go on Vacation premiers the Kindle ebook will be a free download for just a couple of days. Make sure you follow me here, on Twitter and Facebook so that you will be able to grab it for FREE. Of course print copies will be available if you want a hard copy. After the initial offering it will sell for $4.99, still quite a deal. There are even some bonus chapters from the other books I am working on. I will keep you posted as we get closer to a launch date! Until then I remain:

Consumed by the Call,

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