Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SOMA Communities: Missional Community Case Study

What does it mean to do life on mission rather than just "do missions?" What does it mean to do life together as a community within a larger community? What does it mean to really live out being a missional community?

I have been following, reading, and learning from Jeff Vanderstelt for a couple of years. What strikes me most is his complete transparency and authenticity with the struggles and difficulties of really letting people into your life. Soma Community is the divine experiment that God led he and his family to as they explored what it meant to be a different kind of church.

Last week our Connection Group began the discussion about what it would mean for us to live "up, in, and out." To live life intentionally on mission. We are beginning to pray about who God is sending us to as a group. We are asking two vital questions that I would invite you to consider personally, and corporately...

What is God saying to us? It is a simple question, but not an easy one. I believe God speaks all the time but the noise and clutter of our lives prevents us from hearing. If we are attuned to listen, God will provide us direction and help us discern His way and His will.

What are we going to do about it? Listening is only the first step, then we much choose to obey. We must avoid the "ostrich syndrome," that ignores God's challenges. We must fight the "Jonah syndrome" of running the other direction. We must make the decision to obey and to center our lives, my life, around whatever God asks. Then we can live on mission.

Take a look at the video that highlights what it would look like to do life together and live on mission:

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