Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday's Free Day...

I always like to pass along resources that I find that are free. Sometimes its books, sometimes its websites and services, but no matter what, leaders always love things they can use and pass along. Here are some good things you can pass along to those you serve:

Simple Ways to be Missional is a great e-book about incorporating your faith into your life allows you to build bridges relationally and serve faithfully. I love the folks at VERGE conference because they are always generating new ideas.

Write That Book Already! Yep, for those of us with great ideas who have a problem executing them into being a book, this is a kick in the pants. Good practical advice, now if I'll only take it.

Dropbox...okay I know I've referred this before, but it has saved me more than once. The ability to share files with my administrative assistant and staff, access stuff from any computer on the internet, and store documents to review later. Once you start using it you will realize how awesome it is!

Have a great week, and share something with somebody today!


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