Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Week's Free Resources

My attempt at providing weekly and/or bi-weekly information about the free resources that come across my desk. I hope you find some of them helpful.

Doing Life Together small group magazine is free for the next thirty days as a way to kick off their e-zine. From the folks who brought you the Life Together material and have assisted in the production of all of Saddleback's 40 Day Campaigns, this e-zine has lots of great helps for your small group leaders.

Anything by long-time church health guru George Bullard is worth reading. Here is his downloadable article and some additional resources related to whether your church is ready for An Extreme Church Makeover part one. Then you can read about the components of Extreme Church Makeover in part two here.  No matter what, it is a lot of work and I think most churches don't make the transition because they would rather settle for decline than do the work of revitalization.

The best deal I've found this week, probably because I was a little behind on my email, was the amazing Kindle Cloud Reader! It allows you to ready any of your Kindle books on any computer on the internet! My IPAD friends proclaim its limitations but I still think the Kindle is the best resource for simply reading and with this you can read anything in your library wherever you are, even when the Kindle is home charging!

I am also experimenting with Let's Crate, an online, file sharing site that provides links that can be sent out for documents, pictures, or other items you wish to share that you don't want to email or or too large to email.  My staff and I are already huge fans of DROPBOX for in office and cross platform file sharing.  If you don't have DROPBOX, I'd get it now so you can share files, update from any computer, and work collaboratively with friends and coworkers. Here are some other leadership resources I'm sharing with Let's Crate. Let me know how it worked.

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