Monday, August 22, 2011

YOUR Divine Calling

I believe that God has a plan, path, and purpose for every person ever created. When we see some one living into that plan we are in awe that they seem to have such synergy with everything they do. We we see somebody badly out of sync, we wonder what went wrong. So how do you know if you have discovered your divine calling? Well, the blessing and challenge of a real divine calling is that it is incredible (beyond our ability); intimidating (makes us question everything); and inescapable (you are never fully "you" until you live into it)!

Your divine calling is always incredible, that is it will stretch you way beyond what you think you can do. Several people in my life have asked me, "What would you do for God if you knew you could not fail?" Those kind of questions help you get to the root of your divine calling. When you begin to answer them truthfully, from the center of your spirit, you will begin realizing the incredible nature of the calling God has for you.

Your divine calling is also almost always intimidating. When you speak about it it seems like a calling that is far from attainable. Your calling will make you question everything else. You will begin evaluating your values, your future, where you live, how you live, etc. In some ways it brings crystal clarity to what's important. In others it challenges you to radically change to move toward God's best life for you. Radical change is always intimidating.

Your divine calling will be inescapable. You can run from it for a while. You can deny it. You can do something similar to it, but you will always have that place in your heart where you know you are holding back on doing what God has for you. The closer you get to your divine calling the more in tune your life becomes. Not saying that there won't be challenges, but they are manageable because you are living life in your "sweet spot."

Many of us spend years denying or rejecting our divine calling because the "cost" seems too high. Let me assure you, once you begin living out the plan, path, and purpose God has for you, you will wonder what took you so long to live in obedience. May God bless your journey of discovery as you seek your divine calling. I remain:

Consumed by the Call,


Michelle Horner Wood said...

Marty when you said this was for me, you are 100% correct. Thank you, it has given me some insight and questions to reflect on.

Much Love,

Marty Cauley said...

The discovery process is absolutely essential!

Melissa Malcolm said...

And God sometimes send pushy 6'3 men to make us recognize our divine calling! Thank you GOD!