Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joshua Covenants

As part of our growing edge at St. Paul UMC we are creating covenants for those who practice leadership in our congregation. Our goal is to have congruence between our beliefs and behaviors. Essentially we want to give our very best to God in all that we do and treat others with love, honor, and respect. Here is our new Choir Covenant. Pray for us as we move forward raising the bar to those who lead!

Consumed by the Call,

St. Paul United Methodist Church Choir 2011-2012 Covenant

In accordance with our previous discussion below is the St. Paul United Methodist Church Choir Covenant. The choir exists to be a place of ministry where choir members serve God first, worship fully, and teach the congregation new music The purpose of this covenant is to help each of us understand what's expected of each other as we meet from week to week to prepare special music for worship, and as we present our music during worship.

I will make rehearsals a priority in my schedule as this is my commitment to serve God and He deserves my best.

I will commit to spending time outside of our rehearsal times to learn our music so that I can be prepared to model worship each week.

I will maximize our rehearsal times by placing my focus on what we are singing. I will avoid side conversations during rehearsal time and pay attention. I will respect the leaders that are appointed to serve and lead the choir and honor them inside and outside the choir room.

I will treat fellow choir members with honor, love, and respect at all times by refraining from or participating in inappropriate or negative communication.

I will commit to maintain a personal prayer life and spiritual growth.

I will commit to praying for this ministry of our church, our choir director, our pastor, and our lay leaders.

I will be on time to rehearsals and will call when I am delayed. I will sign out when I am not going to be available to allow leadership to plan for my absence.

I understand the requirements to be a part of the St. Paul United Methodist Church Choir and will comply with each covenant. Should I not be able to meet these requirements I will voluntarily discontinue my participation in the group.


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Melissa Malcolm said...

Congrats to the St. Paul choir. I think this is a great step. I would be honored to sign it...if I get to be with you this fall.