Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God Uses Ordinary People who are Contagious, Not Religious!

On Sunday we begin two weeks focusing on Ephesians 4 & 5. Paul writes about the importance of living out your gifts and growing in maturity. This video reminds us of the keys to reaching the world...getting out of the church and living a Christ-like life where you are. God uses ordinary people who are contagious, not religious, to change the world!

This is Discipling from The Foursquare Church on Vimeo.


Bill Shepherd said...

Good "What if?" questions. The challenge is teaching us "How to" without doing all those church building activities.

Marty Cauley said...

No kidding. How do we manage the transition and completion of the mission to establish an effective disciple making system. I believe the solution will be a "yes, and" focus not an "either/or."