Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Characteristics of a Missional Culture

 Message Notes from message by Jorge Acevedo

Challenge to pray bold prayers like, “Lord, send us the people nobody else wants and nobody else sees.”

Leaders create culture. When Jesus shows up, a crowd shows up. Many of us don’t have people showing up in our churches because people don’t expect Jesus to show up.

Characteristics of a culture that creates radical life change…
·       Honesty & transparency…
o      Everybody has their own hurt, habit, or hang-up and we need to admit it. There are no perfect people.
o      Everyone has their “it” but nobody wants to admit it.
o      Churches that create radical life change must be open that everyone needs healing.
·       Healing…
o      Many churches practice “spiritual malpractice.” They offer Jesus as healer without offering the people a process for getting healed.
o      Mark 2: Jesus’ call of Levi reminds us that Jesus saw people nobody else saw; invited people nobody else invited; and included people nobody else included.
o      We need people in our places to facilitate the processes for people to get healed.
·       Ongoing spiritual transformation…
o      Jesus will deliver from the addiction but the church must help them recover from the damage.
o      Sin/addiction is progressive. It takes time to descend to the place of admitting our need. Recover is also progressive, it takes time to ascend to the place where God wants us to be, for healing to take place. We are always in recovery.
·       Ugly mess…
o      Dealing with people is messy.
o      All the mess you have been through is preparing you for the mess that will come next.
o      Luke 15 reminds us that the Lord rejoices more over one who comes to faith rather than the ninety-nine who already believe.

Church has a way of domesticating us, it tames the radical believer inside of you. Pray the bold prayer that God will release the radical believer inside of you.

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