Monday, November 15, 2010

Stewardship Tools

During our Enough series I mentioned several stewardship tools to help you take steps to get out of debt, understand your personal financial picture, and take proactive steps to managing your money instead of letting your money manage you. Here are the resources I mentioned:

The Cauley's Personal One Page Budget Sheet that allows you to see where the money goes.

Smart Couples Retire Rich Values Circle...all spending decisions and goals must be tied to a personal value. This sheet helps you discern your values so you can make a workable plan.

More from Smart Couples, this is the Find Your Stuff worksheet that tells you what files you need to locate and put in a secure location.

Next was the Financial Inventory worksheet that Danelle and I have found invaluable for putting everything down in a concise manner to give us a holistic view of our finances.

Lastly is the Where Does the Money Go worksheet that helps you see where your money is going now and what you can change to take charge of your resources.

During the series we recommended Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and Smart Couples Retire Rich by David Bach. Bach also has a great book for single women, Smart Women Retire Rich, as well as other books on managing your resources.

We will leave the stewardship series messages on the St. Paul website for another week or two if you would like to review them. My prayer for you is that you are following God's will in every area of your life. I remain:

Consumed by the Call,
Pastor Marty

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