Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Me at the Well--2: Open Your Eyes.

Eye opening encounter… John 9

Life at the well…places we encounter Jesus. We realized that we encounter Jesus where we are; that often we don’t embrace the encounter with Jesus until we have given up on everything else; and that encountering Jesus requires something of us.

This week we have another encounter with Jesus. Again he is meeting somebody “as he went along,” not in the temple, but on the road. Again the man has given up hope, and again Jesus requires something of him to receive the healing Jesus has for him.

“Jesus focused on people we would never write books about, or feature at our banquets, or invite to our homes.” Gordon McDonald

Jesus was concerned with the unlikely and the unimpressive. Like a religious seeker who comes to Him in the middle of the night, not wanting anyone else to know. He was concerned about a woman who touched him secretly in a crowd, and another who was about to be stoned to death. He was concerned with a beggar blind from birth that most people just saw as a dirty, stinking sinner to be carefully stepped around. He was concerned about everyday people like these, like these, like us. By the way was Nick at night visiting Jesus in the church? The lady at the well, was she in the church? How about the blind guy? Look at the person next to you, yep, them too. You are the apple of God’s eye!

I love this story because it contrasts how the man who couldn’t see saw, and how the people with sight were blind.

What the Blind Man Saw
1. Faith is founded in obedience. Obedience precedes blessing! (v. 6 So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.) Did he see before he washed? NO! God is always calling for a response from our lives. God acts>we respond>God blesses

2. Seeing is believing and believing yields results! (v. 31 “He [God] listens to the godly man who does his will.”) The man gave testimony to what God had done in his life and the testimony wrought a deeper level of belief. Do you know why we need to practice telling our faith stories? Because the one who shares the story is the one who grows the most. Isn’t it about time you shared your story?

3. His faith affirmed his belief! (v. 38 “Lord, I believe.”) Faith is a growing process. You believe, you affirm the belief, you believe a little more, and so on and so on and so on.

Progressive Eye Opening

The Blind Man saw Jesus as a:
• Man with special abilities (v. 11). Healer
• Prophet from God (v. 17). Teacher
• Leader for disciples (v. 27). Leader
• As One “from God” (v. 33). Messenger
• As the One to be worshipped (v. 38) (incarnate) Lord

Its is a progressive awareness—rarely when we accept Jesus do we understand the fullness of His lordship. God reveals it to us, opens our eyes, as we are able to understand and accept it!

Are your eyes open? I remain:

Consumed by the Call,
Pastor Marty

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