Monday, September 13, 2010

Every Life Has a Story...

Every life has a story, and none are "ordinary." Some where along the way we picked up the notion that unless we have superhuman abilities or have done amazing, heroic deeds, that our story is not worth telling. How far are we from the truth. Every life has a story. Some stories are soft and sublime, others tell of those who have overcome sickness, hurt, and pain, and still others continue to be written upon the pages of our lives.

God is at work in every story. As Methodist we embrace the understanding of God's "prevenient grace." That is grace that God is providing when we aren't even aware that we are receiving. God seeks to write love, acceptance, and peace upon the pages of our life, even in the middle of our struggles. God seeks to use those of us who claim to follow Jesus as pens in the hands of the divine writer, if we will open ourselves up to being used and take time to listen to the stories that surround us.

Every life has a story, won't you listen? Here is a great video by Dan Cathy about looking and listening to other's stories.


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