Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Boss Needs You To Be… – LeadingSmart

Tim Stevens who has written books that begin with the title Simply Strategic... compiled a great list of what we "bosses" need our people to be as part of the organization. Most of this list is not something that can show up on a job description but they are ultimately important. As one who has lead staff for over a dozen years it is vital to me that I have absolute faith in those on my staff. I have to be able to believe unequivocally that they are as sold out to the mission and vision of the organization as I am. Most of the issues I have had is when folks have moved from being on mission and serving with passion and begun just punching the clock and collecting a pay check. I like to treat my staff like family which means some times I get my feelings hurt, but in the long run I'd rather love the people I work with than just have employees. Take a look at this list and let me know what you think! I remain:

Consumed by the Call,

Your Boss Needs You To Be… – LeadingSmart
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