Thursday, May 6, 2010

Momentum and On Not Giving Up

This video is for all of my young adult friends who skateboard. I watch this and was amazed by the tenacity of this young man to get this jump. Over and over again he crashes, then he gets up, walks it off, and tries again.

Last year at Catalyst Dave Ramsey spent some time explaining his "momentum theorem." He said that to create momentum the equation is Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by the Spirit of God.

Focused intensity is by far the hardest part in our world of distractions and instant gratification. It is so easy to want to follow whatever the "newest" and "latest" idea is rather than focus the intensity in a single direction.

This young man understand that it takes focused intensity and the willingness to fail multiple times until you get it right. We as believers must embrace the idea that a failure is only is a step toward where God wants us to go and to get up, walk it off, and try again! Don't quit!

Keep the faith!

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