Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Reasons I'm Not Coming or Coming Back to Your Church

10 Reasons I’m Not Coming Your Church

1. Your website sucks.
2. I didn’t know you were here.
3. I can’t find anything about you on the web.
4. It doesn’t look like anyone is “home”.
5. I have no idea when you worship.
6. I’m not sure what to wear.
7. You’re probably just a big club.
8. Did I mention “location, location, location”?
9. No one invited me.
10. Your “witty” sign. Or is it your “ch_ _ch” sign?

10 Reasons I’m Not Coming Back To Your Church

1. Your nursery worker is 12 years old.
2. Your bathrooms are hard to find and not worth finding.
3. Your choir is grumpy.
4. Your band just killed my favorite song on the radio.
5. Seventeen minutes of announcements (and more than I wanted to know about Aunt Bertha’s shingles).
6. I couldn’t find the front door.
7. The sermon sucked.
8. Mean people suck.
9. Too many awkward pauses during the service.
10. I needed a GPS to navigate your halls.

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