Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Will the UMC Get It?

I believe one of my life callings is to help the UMC get it! That is, get how to leverage our amazing influence, locations, passion for social change, and evangelical roots to make a significant difference in our communities. One of the ways we COULD be doing that is through open source media and idea sharing facilitated by our denomination.

LifeChurch.TV was founded by a former UMC pastor, Craig Groeschel who left the denomination to plant a church. It is now, arguably, one of the most influential churches in America, rivaling Northpoint Community Church and Andy Stanley.

Below is their idea to help make Easter more visible online to the billions on the internet and engaged in social media. I think its time we took a lesson from churches like this and started reaching the next generation, one YOUTUBE video, on Twit, one Facebook message at a time! What would happen if UMCOM took a page from this book and asked every UMC blogger, Facebooker, and Twitter to share an extremely well done Igniting Ministry invitation to Easter worship? That is why I remain:

Consumed by the Call,

Marty Cauley

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