Monday, November 17, 2008

Cauley Impact Triangle

How do you increase the impact of every ministry event, class, or worship service? Here is a quick tool that I use in the design of curriculum and events that help me maintain balance. The goal is to engage each learner, worshipper, or participant at multiple levels of learning. I call it the Cauley Impact Triangle.

The first side is the learning side. This is where the ideas are conveyed and the information that is required to meet the pedagogical objectives are laid out. In determining the ideas it is important that communication methods be decided upon that engage the learners, worshippers, or learners at their level of understanding. It is worthless to convey information that cannot be understood.

The second side is the doing side, this is where ideas are combined with experience. The experience involves creating the proper communication environment, determining the actions that reinforce the ideas and then debriefing the experience to clarify the ideas communicated.

The final side is the being side, this is where information and experience come together and a challenge is offered that will allow for the ideas to be fully integrated for the learner, worshipper, or participant. With every idea that is incorporated into one’s life, their area choices that have to be made from that point forward. Those ideas can be integrated, ignored, or rejected. The being side of the impact triangle provides the opportunity for that decision to be actively, rather than passively, made.

Lastly, if all sides of the Cauley Impact Triangle are held in tension, the best outcome is a new way of living, or transformation, the center of the triangle. This is where all sides combine to form a holistic change in living. In this space the idea is understood, the experience clarifies, the challenge is accepted and the learner, worshipper, or participant can improve their personal outcomes.

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