Sunday, January 29, 2006

It Looks Like Rain

Have you ever had a dry spell? A time when everything was hard? Relationships were hard, work was hard, and play was even hard? I usually think of myself as a relatively creative and positive person. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my “Downer Dude” days, but most days I can get up and keep going. Lately, however, I have been in a dry spell.

There are a lot of desert times in the Bible. Almost every prophet has those times of complete desperation. The people of God wandered around the desert for forty years, now that’s a dry spell (literally and proverbially). Even Jesus spent time in the desert and faced some of the biggest challenges of His life until he was crucified when He was tempted. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the dry spells.

Tonight, or rather early this morning, an amazing thing happened. For the first time in months I awoke with an idea that wouldn’t let me sleep any more. Now it wasn’t an idea that’s going to change the world. It was, essentially, a new way to share a message that just hasn’t been working during the teaching times at the winter events at Lake Junaluska. The key thing is that the idea woke me up…the passion to write it down would not let me sleep. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. During my more creative times it happens all the time. I usually keep a legal pad and a pen beside my bed so I can dump these midnight brainstorms onto it and get back to sleep. Now I’m up at 4 a.m. writing down these ideas and my mind is going 100 m.p.h.

It looks like rain. Now this little spiritual rainstorm may not be the end of my season in the desert, but it is enough for God to encourage me now to keep going. The desert times won’t last forever. Thank you God for the rain…let it pour! I remain, waiting for the storm…

Lost in Grace,


Gracious God, who does not abandon us in the desert, who sends the rain when the drought seems to be never ending, thank you for your grace. Help me to be willing to accept the dry spells and trust in your everlasting love. Let my soul yearn to be quenched by your Spirit. And help me to dance in the rain and give you the praise with it pours! In the name of God our Father, who holds fast in the desert, Jesus, the giver of Grace, and the Holy Spirit, who rains upon me, I pray. Amen

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