Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Change Environment…Change Attitude

I am affected by my environment. Actually, we all are to some extent. During the past couple of weeks I have been in the process of moving from one home to another. The house we moved from is a quaint cottage but it is very dark inside. There is dark paneling and it doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. I rented it furnished so that I could see if I was going to make the adjustment from the local church to this position at the jurisdiction. I realize now that this was probably a mistake.

First of all the dark rooms and paneling were not really my style. I need light and sunshine. Secondly the house was cold because there was no central heat and the windows leaked very badly. Lastly, the stuff there was just not my stuff. I am pretty much a minimalist and this house was rather over-furnished for my taste. All of this contributed to it not ever really feeling like home.

In the past couple of weeks I have retrieved all of my stuff from storage, rag tag as it may be. Gotten a new favorite chair from my brother…all fluffy and reclines to make it the perfect nap chair and moved into a condo that gets excellent morning sun and that is painted off white throughout. Essentially it is warmer (thanks be to God for central heat!), sunnier and brighter. It makes me feel better just being here, especially since all the stuff is my stuff. The pictures on the walls are my pictures. The furniture, sparse as it is, is my furniture. Suddenly coming home is something I look forward to rather than something I avoid. It has become my place to seek solitude and silence and listen for God to speak to me again.

Sometimes to change your attitude you simply have to change your environment. Changing where you are changes how you see things. Jesus understood this better than anyone. So often when the world pressed in upon him and the burdens of ministry became wearisome he retreated into silence and solitude. He changed His environment so that He could better hear God. When was the last time you shut down your computer, turned off your IPOD and listened to God whisper? It is time to change environments. I remain:

Lost in Grace,

Marty Cauley

Gracious God help me to come away, change my environment and seek to hear Your voice again. Grant me silence to listen and solitude to dwell in Your presence amidst the trials, struggles and busyness of my life. In the name of the One who so often went away to spend time with you, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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