Monday, October 17, 2005

Discovering Destiny and Doughnuts…

I love doughnuts. After loosing about 100 lbs. in the past eighteen months, they have been something that I have forsaken for the cause of better health. But like every red-blooded American, I believe that Krispy Kreme is one great institution of culinary excellence! The other night I was in KK for the first time in recent memory, drawn in by the demonic “HOT NOT” fluorescent sign. I decided to give into the temptation this once since my being near this small part of heaven was obviously providential.

As I waited for the doughnuts to come down the conveyor belt I was once again fascinated by the machine that turns cake dough into sweet morsels of manna. The machine was made for that one particular purpose, to make doughnuts. It can’t manufacture widgets or make candy, it only makes doughnuts. That machine if fulfilling its central purpose for existence. As I watched it work I thought of the continual existential questions that continue to mold my lfe…

o Why am I here?

o What difference can one person make?

o What is my real purpose in life?

o What is next for my life?

o How do I know what God wants for me?

This came after the previous day when I had sat in eleven hours of meeting, essentially my version of purgatory. As I sat there and worked hard to solve a myriad of problems, make plans to do things to reach more youth and young adults with the life transforming message of Christ, I could almost hear God whisper in my ear, “this is why you are here.” Suddenly I began to realize that everything I had done up to this time has prepared me for the job God has for me right now. That all of the jobs I have had from working at the Piggly Wiggly in high school, to my most recent ministry position with a struggling church plant, had all contributed to the base of knowledge that I carry with me. God’s hand has been with me the whole time, moving me along toward my God-shaped destiny.

Seasons of questions yield moments of revelation. I called my friend with that realization. It was like I was hit with a divine brick…I had a V-8 moment (wow!). Just like the doughnut machine was made to create doughnuts, I was created to be right here, right now. God’s will is a continually unfolding story. It is not a destination, it is ongoing travels of a spiritual journey that is never finished. Every road leads you to the next, prepares you for the next and allows you to navigate the difficulties ahead with the experiences of the past.

Am I finished asking existential questions? As Paul wrote in his epistles, “By no means!” Asking questions is what leads to precious moments of revelation. These moments of divine destiny discovery are worth the struggles of the times of questioning, and an excellent excuse to stop for doughnuts! I remain:

Lost in Grace,


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